Post-conference impressions.

From 22-24 May, Hartmut Stöckl and I convened a two-day international conference “New Methods for Multimodal Research” at the Department of English & American Studies at Salzburg University. To our great delight (although not surprise given the excellent scholars who had agreed to participate), the event proved to be an incredibly enriching experience.

We are very grateful to the presenters for participating in our conference by giving insightful and inspiring talks, providing valuable, constructive feedback during the discussions, and being the loveliest people to spend the evenings with, chatting over a glass of wine or beer.

Also, our thanks go to our sponsors – the Doctorate School PLUS (Linguistics: Contact – Variation – Change), the Department of English & American Studies Salzburg, Land Salzburg, and Stadt Salzburg – for supporting the event financially.

Thanks to our dear colleague Martin Kaltenbacher for organizing the catering.

We are also indebted to John Bateman and Janina Wildfeuer from Bremen University for first discussing with us our ideas for an international workshop about a year ago, and for making further suggestions for who to invite.

Last but not least, my thanks go to Hartmut Stöckl. It was an absolute delight hosting this conference with him. An excellent experience, great teamwork – I couldn’t have wished for a better co-convener! Read his preview and review of the conference on his website.

Photo 21: (c) Helen Caple

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