New Graphics for a Bird’s Eye View of Multimodality.

I recently had the exciting opportunity to collaborate, once again, with Hartmut Stöckl on a book chapter he has contributed to our collection Multimodality: Towards a New Discipline (co-edited with Janina Wildfeuer, John Bateman, Chiao-I Tseng and Ognyan Seizov, to appear with de Gruyter in Autumn 2019). His chapter is entitled “Linguistic Multimodality – Multimodal Linguistics: A State-of-the-Art Sketch” (59-86).

In particular, I got the chance to complement Hartmut’s excellent writing with some more elaborate visualizations of what he frames as core notions of previous and current research into multimodality. While I created four separate graphics for the concepts of modemultimodalitymode linking, and design, the overall design was geared towards allowing for spatial integration. This design strategy enabled us to bring out even better how concepts are distributed and interrelated across several levels of abstraction – a valuable move to make when seeking to mark out paths through a rugged research field.

The design progress was an extremely positive experience, not least due to Hartmut’s openness to new, unconventional forms of knowledge dissemination in multimodality.


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